Concrete Solutions


Finding an attractive and durable floor for both indoor and outdoor uses can be challenging. Among the many challenges are durability, air quality, attractiveness, regular maintenance, and replacement costs.

There are many benefits to concrete flooring. As the cost of flooring continues to rise, it's important to weigh the pros and cons.
Stained and polished concrete flooring offers:

  • Durability
  • Low-maintenance
  • Versatility 
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Each concrete slab is unique! 

Stained and Sealed Concrete

While reactive stain and polish are most durable, the color selection is limited by the minerals found in concrete. Water based stains have a greater color selection, but are less durable as they are added to the concrete and do not react with the concrete to create color.
Reactive stains and water based stains can both be sealed with a film sealer. Film sealers need to be recoated periodically as they wear down, scratch and collect debris in the scratches. Often times they are discolored by sunlight. They can also be degraded by spills, depending on the class of sealer being used. Topical sealers do not increase density or reduce porosity of the slab. Instead, it creates a topical film. These films can be water based (early off-gassing) or epoxy and urethane which delays off-gassing in increments. While these options are less expensive than mechanical polishing, they are less environmentally friendly, and require maintenance and re-coating.

Polishable Overlays

Concrete stain and polishing can be used to create beautiful countertops, patios, steps, and garage flooring. Degraded concrete can often benefit from polishable overlays. These overlays are durable and can come in many colors and styles. This includes polished aggregate and natural stone looks. The overlays for concrete are considered an investment, but S&S Flooring can help you keep your concrete looking luxurious!



There was a huge difference after we refinished this concrete flooring!

The result of a concrete refinishing service (shown left). Look at that shine!