Linoleum and Marmoleum

Looking to add a long-lasting floor to your Ithaca, Cortland & Lansing, NY home?


is considerably different than vinyl flooring. Linoleum is a mix of natural materials, such as tree resin and wood flours. Linoleum flooring has a design embedded throughout the material, instead of being multiple layers like vinyl flooring.


Pros of Linoleum Flooring:

  • Durable
  • Affordable 
  • Water-resistant
  • Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens


is the little sister to linoleum. Marmoleum is a well used, natural alternative to plastics that has been utilized in the flooring industry for decades! It lasts a very long time, has a through body color (the color on the inside is the same as the color on the outside). It is sold in 6ft sheets, as well as in floating tiles.

Though this is a relatively pricey more complex alternative to vinyl flooring, it is a long lasting, versatile substitute to sheet flooring.