Give Your Old Floors New Life

We handle concrete restoration work in Ithaca, NY

Do you have old concrete floors that are starting to crack? You'll want your floors repaired sooner rather than later to prevent irreversible damage. S&S Flooring Installations Inc in Ithaca, NY will tackle your concrete restoration work and make sure your floors look perfect. We work on both residential and commercial properties and will make sure you're satisfied with our work before our job is complete.

Contact us now for concrete restoration work. Your floors will never have looked better.

The benefits of flooring restoration work

If your floors are starting to look rough, you have two options. You can either restore or replace your floors. Many property owners choose to restore their floors because restoration work:

  • Erases all types of wear and damage
  • Is more affordable than a full replacement
  • Preserves the original appearance of the property
With our hardwood floor restoration services, you can have beautiful floors while saving money. Schedule your hardwood floor restoration services today.

Natural stone restoration:
Natural stone, such as marble, can lose it's luster over time! Becoming chipped, scratched, and dirty with wear and tear. Like soft or hard wood, stone can be refinished or even resurfaced multiple times for that new floor look...without the replacement!

Hardwood restoration:
New hardwood flooring contain surface wear layers along with 50-100 year warranties. That said, many people prefer to refinish existing their hardwoods that hold so much character. At S&S Flooring we take pride in restoring the natural hardwood flooring in your home. From a simple facelift to deep sanding, staining, and replacing damaged boards, a refinish can be the most economical and satisfying alternative to new hardwood flooring as well. All hardwood refinishes come with a complimentary maintenance list to help homeowners keep their newly finished floors looking new and luxurious!