We offer refinishing for every variety of flooring in your home.

Marble tile in your kitchen? Concrete in your basement? Hardwood flooring in your bedroom? S&S Flooring can handle resurfacing and refinishing projects in a professional manner.

Add character and beauty to any flooring

Wood flooring refinishing, resurfacing and recoating:

Whether your wood flooring is soft or hard; the longevity of a wood floor can be renewed with a refinishing service. Under most circumstances, a wood floor can be refreshed with a screen and recoat. However, refinishing with a 3-4 sequence sanding and stain/finish can extend the life and look of your floors. 



Concrete refinishing and resurfacing:

What to do with that damp basement when it is a living space, play room, gym? Most flooring does not stand up to even occasional water intrusion. Even a glue down vinyl waterproof tile or plank is likely to fail as the adhesive comes into contact with moisture. Emissions from a concrete slab can degrade the adhesive.  A great solution is a concrete refinishing! Refinishing concrete can include resurfacing, staining and polishing  or sealing.
Looking for that marble look? From splash patterns to cabinesque wood staining, a basement can be transformed without the worry of moisture impacting the performance. Staining does not scratch or abrade, and mechanical polishing and densification closes the pores on concrete; giving it that lovely luster without the worry of damage to the flooring or the slab!. Concrete flooring is a lifetime investment. If you're tired of the industrial look, any floor covering can be installed over concrete for a change of aesthetic - even years later! Let S&S Flooring help you take care of it.